Social, Emotional and Mental Health support

Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH)
SEMH is a huge part of everyone's well-being. It is very important that we look after ourselves both physically and mentally, particularly now during the ongoing pandemic. 
There are ways we can support ourselves:
- Try mindful colouring
- Play a  board game with  family members
- Avoid too much time on social media or media
- Chatting to our friends or family over a virtual platform
- Go for a walk in the local area
- Taking part in some exercise
- You could have a family fitness challenge!
However, there are times you may feel that you need external support. If you have concerns over your child's mental health - which includes ongoing anxieties, you can ring Children's & Young People's Service - ( CYPS) single point of access to refer your child (03031231147) or you can speak to Jane Thompson (SENDCo).
There are some free online services which are confidential and provides anonymous support: